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5 ways BHOtards make Butane Hash Oil

BHO-tard. noun. A person making butane hash oil that is aware of the following mistakes, but does not heed the warning: Blasting indoors Placing butane containers in the freezer Open blasting […]

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How to handle and process hash oil extracts after winterization

I remember the first time I transferred oil from the collection chamber of a BHOGart onto a silicon mat. Suffice it to say, it was a sticky shit show. Years […]

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3 parameters hash oil blowers can control that improve live resin quality

Effective purging is dependent on three things – temperature, surface area, and pressure. The right combination of these parameters will remove butane from the extract and leave you with a […]

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Why winterization stabilizes hash oil extracts

Why winterization stabilizes hash oil extracts Why winterize your extract? Stability. Winterization removes impurities – specifically plant lipids and waxes. This is a very important step if you’re trying to […]


How to increase extraction productivity 10 fold

“Simplicity, simplicity, simplicity” said Henry David Thoreau… In any process, it’s best to simplify it if you can. In any math class, you want to simplify your algebra before doing […]


How to set up your recovery pump for optimal hash oil extraction

Setting up your recovery pump is a simple process on most extractors. You will likely have a 3/8” recovery hose connected to the lid of your collection chamber, where the […]


What every hash oil extraction artist needs to know about temperature

Four temperatures parameters. Terpenes are a valuable product captured the extraction process. Not controlling temperatures through the extraction will cause you to lose terpenes. There are four temperature parameters that […]

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