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Hemp Hacker

Hemp Hacker is an open-source inspired website that aims to educate the public on issues related to manufacturing Cannabis Products. We write on issues related to Cannabis Chemistry, Cannabis Good Manufacturing Practices, and Cannabis Extractions. Hemp Hacker is an Orion GMP Solutions Company, that focuses on implementing Cannabis Manufacturing Standards, such as ASTM D37 Cannabis Standards and Food and Drug Adminstration Good Manufacturing Practices.

About Us
Who We Are

HempHacker.com is supported by Orion GMP Solutions, LLC. We write on this open-source platform to share our thoughts on the standardization of cannabis manufacturing.

We have a team of experienced scientists and engineers, with backgrounds in Department of Defense Consulting, Aeronautical Engineering, Organic Chemistry of Natural Products, Plant Biology, and Pharmaceutical Manufacturing.

We bring our perspectives and direct experience with standardized cannabis manufacturing to our readers, hoping to give something to the international cannabis community in return for the great opportunities is has provided us.

What We Do

We are constantly involved with the international cannabis community. We speak to groups around the world about standardized cannabis manufacturing, with the full intention of ensuring social equity in the process. We work with small farmers up to publicly traded corporations. We adjust our price based on what is a fair an equitable price, and we deliver what we say we will.

Our entire group participates in the ASTM D37 Cannabis Standards Committee, where Andrew serves as the chairman of the Quality Management Systems Committee. We work by helping our clients implement standards, preparing them for GMP audits, and we are proudly the first cannabis consulting firm with a focus on Good Manufacturing Practices for Cannabis.

How We Do It

We engage with clients in a number of ways. You will most likely see us at ASTM D37 Cannabis Standards events, the Cannabis Science Conference, CannaTech, and the MJBiz Daily Conference. Many clients started off with us through email, just asking simple questions that we have quick answers to. Either way, we like to get out and meet industry stakeholders and see where there are synergies for business.

Once we get to know our potential clients, we work through the fundamentals: business plans, project management plans, financials. We help answer the questions, like: “is this a good idea?” Once we establish that our goals are aligned, we work with our clients through gap audits, GMP Implementation plans, GMP and Quality Management Implementation, GMP Training, and Certifications audits to their preferred standards.

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