Cannabis Chemistry is dedicated to sharing information and theory on manufacturing Cannabinoid Products. 

Our resident Organic Chemist, CannaChemist, curates content here, and you can Ask Her Anything. Her content focuses on the practical aspects to product manufacturing, and breaks down the principles of chemistry in to how to manufacture high quality products.

Keep an eye out for her upcoming series on crystallization of CBD to remove THC impurities.

We’ve written articles that have seen a lot of traffic. These are “how-to” articles for cannabis manufacturing. We will be curating the content on this side of the house in the following categories:

1. Cannabis Chemistry. Articles range from an explanation of chemical structures in our “Cannabinoid Molecular Library,” to understanding the theory behind winterizing extracts.

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2. Cannabis Experiments. We like to talk about process at Orion GMP and Hemp Hacker. We talk about hydrocarbons, ethanol, carbon dioxide, and organic solvents in extractions.

3. Cannabis Extractions. Hemp Hacker got its start in Ethanol and Hydrocarbon Extractions and it was the first content we posted explaining the theory behind cannabis hydrocarbon extractions in a  “How-To” series of articles.

The Results.

We desire our readers to get a better understanding of their processes. We think that understanding theory, and understanding the chemistry of cannabis manufacturing is essential for people working in, or that are interested in, the cannabis industry. We believe in social equity throughout the cannabis industry, and that this is one way for us to share the knowledge.


We believe in active engagement with the community, and work towards that aim with a seat at the ASTM International D37 Cannabis Standards Executive Committee. We aim for helping our community, and we hope that you can become an active participant in it with CannaChemist and the rest of the team at Hemp Hacker and Orion GMP Solutions.


More Articles about Cannabis Chemistry:

Origins of Live Resin In 2007, a patent was filed for delta-9 THC processing. It covered a range of organic solvents with boiling points preferably below 0C – ie “low boiling point solvents.” […]

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Closed Loop Extraction Systems (CLS) 109: Extractor Disassembly

When the extractor has been properly shut down, it’s time to disassemble it and reveal the cannabinoid alchemy you’ve performed, turning solid green plant matter into a concentrated liquid gold […]


Closed Loop Extraction Systems (CLS) 108: Extractor Shut Down

Once the extraction collection chamber reaches the desired pressure under vacuum, it’s ready to shut down. Shut down always starts with stopping the flow of butane – i.e. turning off […]


Closed Loop Extraction Systems (CLS) 107: Pull/Push Butane Recovery

After running the continuous shower, the liquid butane is pulled off into the gas phase by the recovery pump and pushed into the liquid phase, which then fills back into the […]