Who doesn’t love Live Resin? It retains the freshness of the plant, and has a taste that can’t be reproduced by other methods. Check out these articles to learn the essential process variables to dial in your methods.

How to make live resin hash oil extracts

Minimum standards for making live resin hash oil extracts So what is a bare bones method to making live resin? Well, just about any extractor can be made to meet […]

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Inert conditions for live resin hash oil extractions

This is how a chemist makes live resin, attending to every detail. Sometimes the additional work is well worth the reward. Every person running an extractor is a scientist in […]


Dehydrate your butane to improve Live Resin yields

Water kills butane hash oil yields Butane picks up water during extractions and causes lower yields. Butane picks up 3.25mL of water per liter and propane picks up 3.9mL of water […]

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How to pack columns for live resin hash oil extraction

There are probably a dozen different ways to pack a column. While as a Sergeant in the Marines, I was sometimes amazed by the different interpretations my Marines would take […]

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Origins of Live Resin

https://patents.google.com/patent/US8530679B2/en?q=thc&q=butane&q=cannabis In 2007, a patent was filed for delta-9 THC processing. It covered a range of organic solvents with boiling points preferably below 0C – ie “low boiling point solvents.” […]

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